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What do ladies appreciate about you as a companion? What is important to you in life and what values do you act according to? What are your hobbies?

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Gigolo Markus offers service only for women.

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Travel expenses

Up to 25km free of charge: distance booking location to current location of gigolo Markus (Berlin + Paris)
From 25km 0,5€ per km: Independent of means of transport (no matter if car, train, cab or bus)
Air travel: 1:1 billing according to ticket price (ask the callboy directly)

Booking rules

Phone call possible
Videocall possible
Companion also bookable for couples
Duo date possible (companion brings man/woman)
Selfie in advance desired
20% deposit via Paypal as booking confirmation



5 Reviews on “Markus”

  • CN 5 months ago

    As a couple, introducing another man to the bedroom was new to us. Markus was fantastic making us both feel comfortable, relaxed and respected. We had an amazingly sexy rendezvous, full of pleasant surprises that left us both wanting to repeat! Tender and thunder indeed, thank you Markus.

  • Camila 5 months ago

    I don’t have much time for hookups, and most of the time when I like someone it ends up to be terrible in bed. So I contacted Markus because of the combination of his nice smile and domination skills. Well, I have to say I haven’t been disappointed at all, he has been very elegant and yet natural, and then when things got hotter I admit I had the “wow” effect. Very sensual, and very attentive. Thank you Markus, I’ll call you again 😉

  • Else 4 months ago

    Ich hatte Markus gewählt, weil ich die zwei Gesichter interessant fand und auch schon immer etwas neugierig war, was BDSM angeht. Meine Erfahrungen damit waren bisher aber eher fürchterlich und generell ist das erste Mal Sex für mich meist grauenvoll (Grüße an Camila, I feel you).
    Überraschenderweise konnte Markus mich sehr schnell lesen, war unglaublich auf mich bedacht, sehr leidenschaftlich und voller Ideen. Trotzdem hat er sich immer wieder versichert, dass alles was wir machen, okay für mich ist, meinen Konsens findet. Wer also Lust auf ein paar wunderbare neue Erfahrungen hat und diese mit jemanden machen möchte, der gleichzeitig den irren Spagat zwischen sensibel und dominant hinbekommt – voilá! Merci, Markus, bis bald 🙂

    I chose Markus because I found the two faces interesting and have always been a bit curious about BDSM. However, my experiences with it so far have been rather terrible and generally the first time sex is usually horrible for me (greetings to Camila, I feel you).
    Surprisingly, Markus was able to read me very quickly, was incredibly attentive to me, very passionate and full of ideas. Nevertheless, he kept reassuring himself that everything we were doing was okay with me, met my consensus. So if you’re in the mood for some wonderful new experiences and would like to have them with someone who can manage the crazy balancing act between sensitive and dominant at the same time – voilá! Merci, Markus, see you soon 🙂

  • BY 2 months ago

    Markus made the whole experience very comfortable and relaxed, not as awkward as I thought it would be. I had a great time and am really thankful. Will call you again when I’m next in town. 🙂

  • Ana 2 months ago

    Markus is absolutely delightful gentleman. His natural elegance and nonconformist allure is the best French culture can offer. From classical to out of the box experience’s, he can put you at ease, creating a beautiful safe space for expression of your desires!
    Perfect communicator. So important and so rare to find. I highly recommend Markus, 🔥 he is an experience for all senses.

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