Satisfaction Guarantee Label

Only gigolos with satisfaction guarantee - we invented it!

Look forward to gigolos, escorts and escort gentlemen with satisfaction guarantee.

Yes, you have read correctly! We are very pleased to be able to offer you on these pages, as the first provider in the entire escort sector, only gigolos with a satisfaction guarantee. You will benefit from completely new standards in terms of professionalism and quality of the services offered by our escort gentlemen.

Why do we think a satisfaction guarantee is so important in this entire industry?

From a customer's point of view, it is not easy to find the right gigolo and the reliable provider you trust. After all, how is a customer supposed to know right away what exactly is hidden behind the business models of the providers or what advantages and disadvantages there are.

No matter whether it is an escort agency or an online advertising platform - it is not always clear what a customer "gets" if she is willing to pay. For example, it is no secret but a bitter reality that a number of escort agencies and online platforms deliberately include fake profiles to collect customer enquiries.


For us, a satisfaction guarantee means uncompromising customer orientation

We observe the high-class escort market very intensively. We are increasingly pleased that our offer of gigolos with guaranteed satisfaction is having a great signal effect.

Little by little, many well-known escort agencies and advertising platforms are now following suit with this value proposition. This reinforces our claim to be the portal with the best customer orientation.

What a success. We say thank you for this terrific award!


Why do we offer you this special gigolo guarantee?

Quite simple: Because we are convinced of the personalities and abilities of our escorts! Only if the applicants have managed to convince us with their attractive appearance and consistently positive character do we include them in our portfolio. That is why you will only find gentlemen who can meet our uncompromising quality standards.

You want to give a lady a very special gift?

Then give the gift of time with a callboy!

This gift is sure to get under the skin and remain in unforgettable memory - emotions, passion, simply everything that touches the senses and soul!
If you would like to give someone this pleasure as a gift, please write us a message via our contact form and give us more detailed information about the amount of the desired voucher. You will immediately receive a reply with the account details for transferring the amount, as well as further information. The voucher can be used flexibly for any callboy event and is not tied to a specific callboy. Be curious about the effect of this surprise!

How does the gigolo satisfaction guarantee work?

If, in the unlikely event, you are not satisfied with the performance of an escort, you are entitled to an appropriate settlement by your gigolo. It is important that you, as a customer, give your callboy a signal in good time and indicate a termination of the date.

Be fair and express your dissatisfaction at a time when the gigolo still has the opportunity to react. This means, please, not only when saying goodbye, when the "child" has already fallen into the well. The type and extent of regulation are not fixed and are left up to the callboy himself.


Despite the "satisfaction guarantee", I was not satisfied with the regulation of my gigolo - what happens then?

Your gigolo has a whole range of options to ensure your satisfaction. Whether it is to benevolently accommodate you with the length of the booked event, or to offer you a free replacement date, for example. The room for manoeuvre is manifold and goes as far as a partial or complete refund of the gigolo fee.

The absolute worst case for us means that you are not satisfied with your companion despite the guarantee. Of course, even then you have the opportunity to make your displeasure heard with us. You can, for example, consult us reliably at any time by e-mail, telephone or via our contact form.

As an independent platform, we are very interested in your satisfaction. This is the basis for the sustainable success of the platform and of immense importance to us. Rest assured that we take your concerns extremely seriously. Thus, a failed regulation can result in the immediate exclusion of a gigolo from this advertising platform.

Anonymous testimonials and ratings create additional trust

After each booking, which was initiated via a non-binding booking request, you have the opportunity to leave your gigolo a discreet and anonymous review. Your testimonial is anonymous and can be positive or negative, at best open and honest. Because nothing is more meaningful than feedback - your escort will thank you for it.


Guarantee satisfaction in the escort sector - Can you even ask for that?

In our opinion: Absolutely! Just like for any other "personal service", you should also have the possibility to "demand" a guarantee for satisfaction in the escort sector. Our gigolos are specialised in being able to react appropriately and with style in every situation.

Be it in case of difficulties at the airport of a booked holiday escort or in case of other not everyday situations. Our callboys are able to handle any situation professionally. And if we can also assist in any way, we are always available as a contact partner with professional expertise.


Satisfaction guarantee starts with the selection of top-class gigolos

The professional selection of suitable gigolo talents as well as their "aptitude test" is a matter close to our hearts. To ensure that only the best applicants are available for you, we have set ourselves uniform quality standards according to which all our callboys work.

In addition, we place great value on personal contact, open and honest communication as well as trusting, collegial interaction. We have clearly and transparently listed the quality standards for independent escorts on our pages for you in the "Gigolo Codex".


Up-to-date pictures and authentic profile descriptions are obligatory minimum standards for us

The carefully selected pictures of the escorts are highly up-to-date and correspond to the real appearance. The profile details are authentically formulated and allow a good assessment of whether the escort is also able to meet your demands. It is obligatory that the details of the callboys on our website are always up to date.

When booking a gigolo, you receive a satisfaction guarantee on all services offered

No matter for which occasion you book a gigolo, the guaranteed satisfaction applies of course regardless of which service you book. Enjoy the company from the very beginning and feel completely at ease. Explore our very special gigolo events.

Or explore directly our gigolos with satisfaction guarantee

Smiling satisfied woman

Our goal is to satisfy your expectations of a high class provider of escort gentlemen 100%.

Here you will find further, good arguments why we believe we can assure you of the value promise "100% customer satisfaction" sustainably and without any compromise:

Direct and discreet communication with the callboy

Discretion and data protection are our top priority. That is why we deliberately do not publish the e-mail addresses or telephone numbers of our escorts. Nevertheless, with us you have the uncomplicated possibility to contact your callboy directly. Get to know your desired callboy personally to be really sure that the "chemistry" between the two of you is right.

We expressly distance ourselves from the approach of many escort agencies and naturally allow you to get to know your desired escort without obligation before booking. You can clarify all details with your callboy in person.

Within the framework of the non-binding and free booking request, you specify how your desired escort may contact you. You alone decide which communication channel he or she will use to contact you. This means you clarify all further booking details and individual wishes discreetly and personally with your callboy.

This protects your privacy and additionally ensures our highest standards of discretion. Furthermore, personal customer data will of course never be passed on to third parties without your consent.

All callboys work highly professionally according to consistant quality standards

In order to achieve the goal of "100% customer satisfaction", all our exclusive callboys work according to uniform quality standards. These standards include, for example, topics such as discretion, honesty, trust or reliability and have been clearly formulated in the form of guiding principles.

All callboys advertising with us have agreed to these guiding principles and can identify with our philosophy. We are very happy about this - and so are our clients.

Learn more about the "Callboy Codex"

All callboys have been personally screened and selected exclusively for you

The selection of our applicants is very meticulous and extremely conscientious. For example, all of our escorts have relevant experience in their range of services and were intensively scrutinised in the casting interview. Furthermore, we attach particular importance to higher educational qualifications and good foreign language skills.

In addition to an above-average attractive appearance, we pay great attention to the fact that all selected callboys sincerely and authentically care about the lady's happiness and satisfaction. This attitude corresponds to our philosophy. We are happy to pass on to you the value proposition that is closely connected with this.

During the casting process, callboy applicants are intensively screened for personal suitability. The selection process is based on the fulfilment of specific, personal basic requirements of a successful callboy.

Transparent and understandable pricing

We stand for absolute price transparency. So that you can estimate exactly how much you will have to spend for an unforgettable experience with your callboy. The expected costs are divided into the booking fee of the escort, the associated travel costs for flight, train or hotel as well as the costs on site such as food and drinks or planned events.

What distinguishes us from an agency in terms of pricing?

We have set ourselves the goal of only charging prices for real added value for the customer and not just for the pure mediation. Classical escort agencies charge commissions of 20-40% (!) on each booking as a surcharge on the booking fee of the escort. Further cost transparency - often missing. We neither intervene in the communication nor do we demand commissions on the booking price.

The individual booking fee is set by each callboy personally in his profile. The travel costs depend on the distance from the current location (e.g. Berlin) to the desired booking location. Google Maps is used to calculate the distance. You can find out more about the calculation of travel costs in the FAQ for women.

Authentic first impressions of the callboys and informative testimonials

We pursue the goal of making it as easy as possible for our customers to decide on their dream callboy. For this purpose, we enable the customer to get a very authentic first impression of her respective candidate. Pictures say more than a thousand words. A pleasant voice, beautiful language and the overall positive charisma of the entire personality are extremely important.

As a customer, you have the opportunity to leave an honest and authentic testimonial for each callboy directly via his profile. Your rating will then be published anonymously. This also gives new clients the opportunity to compare their expectations and to get a good idea of the personality of the escort.

Highest standards of seriousness and safety (ProstSchG)

We take our legal obligations as a high-class advertising platform for escort services very seriously. The new Prostitution Protection Act (ProstSchG) has been in force in Germany since 01.07.2017. It serves to protect persons working in prostitution and to regulate the prostitution trade. With this, clear rules were created in Germany that regulate the rights and obligations of male escorts and tradesmen. As a serious and responsible callboy advertising platform, we naturally inform all gigolos advertising with us in detail about this and explicitly point out the existing condom obligation.