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  3. Immediately afterwards you can coordinate all other details directly, personally and discreetly with your callboy.

Our cities


Gigolos Amsterdam

Gigolos Bangkok

Gigolos Beijing

Gigolos Bozen

Gigolos Brussels

Gigolos Buenos Aires

Gigolos Delhi

Gigolos Dubai

Bucht in Ibiza mit Booten

Gigolos Ibiza and Formentera

Gigolos Jakarta

Gigolos Liechtenstein

Gigolos London

Gigolos Luxembourg

Gigolos Madrid

Gigolos Mallorca

Gigolos Manila

Gigolos Meran

Gigolos Milan

Monaco at night with bright colours

Gigolos Monaco

Gigolos Moscow

Gigolos New York

Gigolos Paris

Gigolos Rome

Gigolos São Paulo

Gigolos Seoul

Gigolos Shanghai

Gigolos Tokyo


Gigolos Bad Ragaz

Picture of the city of Basel at dusk with lighting

Gigolos Basel

Gigolos Bern

Gigolos Davos

Gigolos Gstaad

Gigolos Lausanne

Gigolos Lugano

Gigolos St. Gallen

Gigolos St. Moritz

Gigolos Zug

Picture of Zurich with beautiful church tower

Gigolos Zurich


Gigolos Graz

Gigolos Innsbruck

Gigolos Kitzbühel

Gigolos Linz

Gigolos Salzburg

Picture of beautiful castle in Vienna which is reflected in the water at dusk

Gigolos Vienna


View from below of Aachen Cathedral

Gigolos Aachen

View into the old town of Augsburg

Gigolos Augsburg

Picture of the casino in Baden-Baden

Gigolos Baden-Baden

Castles in Bergisch Gladbach

Gigolos Bergisch Gladbach

Charlottenburg Palace Berlin

Gigolos Berlin

Oetkerhalle Bielefeld

Gigolos Bielefeld

Bochum Colliery

Gigolos Bochum

Bottrop transhipment site

Gigolos Bottrop

Picture of Bremen at night

Gigolos Bremen

Sky over harbour in Bremerhaven

Gigolos Bremer­haven

View in the Old Town of Braunschweig

Gigolos Brunswick

View of Chemnitz by day

Gigolos Chemnitz

Picture of Cologne and the brightly lit Cologne Cathedral at night

Gigolos Cologne

Castles in Cottbus

Gigolos Cottbus

Old Town Impressions from Darmstadt

Gigolos Darmstadt

Picture of Dortmund at dusk and beautiful lighting

Gigolos Dortmund

Picture of Dresden at dusk

Gigolos Dresden

Picture of the city of Duisburg at night with reflecting lights in the water

Gigolos Duisburg

Picture of the beautifully lit TV tower in Düsseldorf at night

Gigolos Dusseldorf

Cathedrals in Erfurt

Gigolos Erfurt

View through alleys in Erlangen

Gigolos Erlangen

Picture of a section of the city of Essen

Gigolos Essen

Picture of Frankfurt skyline at beautiful sunset

Gigolos Frankfurt am Main

Gigolos Freiburg

Gigolos Friedrichshafen

intricate nature trail in Fürth

Gigolos Fürth

Picture of the colliery in Gelsenkirchen at night

Gigolos Gelsenkirchen

Churches in Göttingen

Gigolos Göttingen

City of Gütersloh

Gigolos Gütersloh

Railway bridge in Hagen in the morning light

Gigolos Hagen

Mood at dusk in Halle

Gigolos Halle (Saale)

Picture of Hamburg at sunset

Gigolos Hamburg

City of Hamm Elephant Building

Gigolos Hamm

Picture of a castle in Hanover at dusk, which is reflected in the water

Gigolos Hannover

picturesque view of the old town of Heidelberg in the evening

Gigolos Heidelberg

St. Kilian Church in Heilbronn

Gigolos Heilbronn

View from bridge over Nordsternpark Herne

Gigolos Herne

Hildesheim Market Square at Night

Gigolos Hildesheim

historic building in Ingolstadt

Gigolos Ingolstadt

Aerial view of the summer Jena

Gigolos Jena

Castle at dusk in Karlsruhe

Gigolos Karlsruhe

View to the Herculean Monument in Kassel

Gigolos Kassel

Mood with a view over the water in Kiel at night

Gigolos Kiel

View of the German corner in Koblenz

Gigolos Koblenz

Picture of the sunset over Krefeld

Gigolos Krefeld

Picture of the illuminated city of Leipzig from above at night

Gigolos Leipzig

curved bridge in Leverkusen

Gigolos Leverkusen

Gigolos London

Picture of the old town and cafés in Lübeck

Gigolos Lübeck

mystical atmosphere over the Rhine in Ludwigshafen

Gigolos Ludwigshafen

Picture overlooking the water on Magdeburg

Gigolos Magdeburg

Picture of the Rhine Bridge in Mainz at night

Gigolos Mainz

Dusk over the Rhine with a view of Mannheim

Gigolos Mannheim

Garden of the Rosarium in Moers

Gigolos Moers

View into cobblestone lanes of Mönchengladbach

Gigolos Mönchen­gladbach

Tower in Mülheim an der Ruhr

Gigolos Mülheim an der Ruhr

Picture of Munich at sunset

Gigolos Munich

Old town flair with narrow little houses in Münster

Gigolos Münster

Churches in the town of Neuss

Gigolos Neuss

Picture of a historic Nuremberg bridge reflected in the water

Gigolos Nuremberg

Picture of the illuminated bridge in Oberhausen

Gigolos Oberhausen

City of Offenbach am Main

Gigolos Offenbach am Main

Impression from the old town of Oldenburg

Gigolos Oldenburg

Old town of Osnabrück at night

Gigolos Osnabrück

Aerial view of Paderborn

Gigolos Paderborn

Sunset over Pforzheim in the Black Forest

Gigolos Pforzheim

Government buildings in Potsdam

Gigolos Potsdam

colourfully illuminated building in Recklinghausen at night

Gigolos Recklinghausen

View over danube to Regensburg with stone bridge and cathedral at night

Gigolos Regensburg

Impression, view from church tower in Remscheid

Gigolos Remscheid

Reutlingen Castle

Gigolos Reutlingen

City port of Rostock in pink light of dusk

Gigolos Rostock

Picture of the cathedral of Saarbrücken at night

Gigolos Saarbrücken

Nature and wind turbines in Salzgitter

Gigolos Salzgitter

Tower in the city of Siegen

Gigolos Siegen

Picture of Solingen Castle

Gigolos Solingen

Picture of Stuttgart Castle on a summer day with people sitting on the meadow

Gigolos Stuttgart

Trier's Old Town and Market Square

Gigolos Trier

Mysterious nocturnal atmosphere in Ulm

Gigolos Ulm

Picture of the spa park in Wiesbaden

Gigolos Wiesbaden

Fountains and car skyscrapers in Pforzheim

Gigolos Wolfsburg

Floating railway in Wuppertal in front of house facades

Gigolos Wuppertal

View over the Main to Würzburg at night

Gigolos Würzburg

Your place is not included?

Your wish callboy is also welcome to come to you. Simply contact him via the booking form and discuss all the details together.

What are the top 7 inspirations for your unique callboy experience in your city?

A wonderful time with your companion can be experienced anywhere in the world. In the German-speaking countries you will find many callboys within Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, you will also find Gigolos in London, Monaco and Mallorca.

Look forward to unique experiences for two that will keep you in mind for the rest of your life.
We have described the top 7 inspirations for you.


  1. Discover ingenuism with an escort man in Berlin during a city tour

    In addition to the historic sites, Berlin offers a variety of other sights. Among them are world-famous buildings, museums, city parks, small-scale theatres, festivals and of course many shopping facilities. Berlin's Nightlife is just as unique. Do you let yourself be accompanied on a city tour for sightseeing through Berlin? Explore Callboys in Berlin

  2. The most livable city in Germany is waiting for you - musical visit in Hamburg with a companion?

    Hamburg also has a lot to offer culturally. With more than two million musical visitors a year, Hamburg is the world's third largest musical location after New York and London. There are the larger musical theatres, such as TUI Operettenhaus, Neue Flora, Theater im Hafen and Theater Kehrwieder. Or the state-owned "Hamburger Staatsoper" with its magnificent opera and ballet performances. Explore Callboys in Hamburg

  3. More than Weisswurst and Oktoberfest - Beautiful pampering hotels in Munich and the surrounding area are waiting for you!

    In order to make the special callboy event unforgettable, a beautiful hotel in Munich is also part of it. There are a number of attractive offers of beautiful pampering and wellness hotels in the Munich area or in neighbouring mountain regions as well as beautiful lake landscapes in the south of Bavaria. The perfect stay for a great night with a callboy in Munich. Explore Callboys in Munich

  4. Vienna is the perfect triad of enjoyment, art and history - look forward to special cultural events and Sachertorte

    In Vienna you meet in the coffee house, read newspapers and enjoy some pastries and a strong espresso. According to UNESCO, this is an official part of Viennese culture. enjoy the impressive traditional, secessionist and modern architecture, such as the Vienna Hofburg or the State Opera. In beautiful Vienna you don't have to be alone, our callboys love to provide you with company and sweeten your stay. Explore Callboys in Vienna

  5. Erotic stopover with a gigolo in London - Beautiful airport hotels are waiting for you

    London is a city in the center of the world - and a world in one city. London is incredibly well connected to five international airports and the Eurostar high-speed link. More than 50 countries have a flight time of three hours and 310 international destinations have direct connections to London. Would you like to experience an erotic stopover with a gigolo in one of the hotels at the airport in London? Explore Gigolos in London

  6. Zurich: Lake Zurich has the highest quality of life

    Together with Geneva, the economic metropolis is considered to be the city with the highest quality of life in the world. Its beautiful location on Lake Zurich, its well-preserved medieval old town and the diverse cultural offer attract many thousands of tourists to Zurich and Switzerland every year. Increase your personal quality of life with a charming companion on a sensual hotel visit. How about a dream night at the legendary "The Dolder Grand Hotel"? Explore Gigolos in Zurich

  7. Callboy as a leisure companion in Frankfurt or Düsseldorf - your personal purchasing consultant will accompany you while shopping

    Frankfurt's Zeil is one of Germany's busiest shopping streets - nowhere else is a higher pace being hit. Close behind is Düsseldorf's Königsallee. The "Kö" is Düsseldorf's famous shopping street and invites you to shop with numerous designer shops and luxurious shops. Let a charming personal shopper advise you on shopping. Explore Callboys in Dusseldorf

Do you have further questions about booking a callboy? We are very happy to help.

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