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Cologne Alaaf! - "Long live Cologne!"

Climb the heights of Cologne Cathedral spire with sympathetic gigolos in Cologne

Cologne is the capital of carnival and has Germany's number one landmark, the Cologne Cathedral. The people of Cologne and the tourists love the landmark of Cologne. The 157-meter high Unesco World Heritage Site is visited by over six million people (!) every year. Services available in Cologne include, for example, a dinner date with your Gigolo in Cologne. Or an unforgettable erotic night with your escort man or a male companion for tingling experiences of all kinds.

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Get to Know Cologne

Explore the sights of the city with an escort gentleman in Cologne

Dreamy alleys, lively squares, historic buildings and cozy breweries make the old town so popular. Stroll along the Rhine as a couple and treat yourself to some time out before heading to the old town and the Cologne Cathedral invites you for a visit. The Gothic cathedral "Cologne Cathedral" has the second highest church tower in Europe. When climbing the tower, you can not only see the cathedral bells, but also enjoy a wonderful view of the city of Cologne.

But Cologne has a lot more to offer. After the war, most of the historic buildings were successfully restored and shine again in their former glory. Many media companies have their headquarters in Cologne.


Discover the unique brewery culture with a gigolo from Cologne

The people of Cologne express their cheerfulness, pragmatism and criticism of authority with the K├Âlsch dialect. K├Âlsch is a living language with its own culture. This includes, for example, the folk theater Millowitsch around the Cologne legend Willy Millowitsch. A popular saying in Cologne is "K├Âlsch is the only language you can drink".

Cologne is probably the German city with the most types of beer and many quaint breweries of all. The undisputed favorite drink of the people of Cologne, K├Âlsch is a light full-bodied beer served in 0.2-liter glasses. Beware: the waiter will bring another K├Âlsch without being asked until the guest puts a beer mat on his glass as a sign that he is not thirsty.


Move through the streets at the Cologne Carnival with a male companion from our Cologne escort service

Here you can "b├╝tzen" and celebrate with all the Jecken and carnival lovers. At the end of the day you will find yourself in one of the small pubs and celebrate until the morning hours. For this leisure and activity accompaniment, the escort gentlemen of the escort service in Cologne are at your disposal.


How about a museum visit of a special kind with a gigolo in Cologne?

Visit the numerous museums or galleries of the city or take a boat trip on the Rhine and stroll across the Hohenzollern Bridge. Here you have a gigantic view over Cologne and enjoy the many "love locks" on the bridge.

As a couple, enjoy the world's most popular sweet during a visit to the Cologne Chocolate Museum. From the production to the finished chocolate, the visitor learns everything that belongs to a good chocolate. The Roman-Germanic Museum also invites to further visits. The city has many museums, from modern to abstract art, everything is represented.

How about a visit to the fair in the company of a gigolo in Cologne

The oldest art fair in the world, the Art Cologne is located in Cologne. Just by its location on the beautiful Rhine, the city has fascinated many visitors since time immemorial, since the Federal Garden Show in 1957, you can also take the Cologne cable car across the Rhine. A large number of trade fairs are held annually in various areas.


A romantic candlelight dinner with a man of the escort agency in Cologne

Cologne offers everything that enraptures the palate. A great gastro scene awaits visitors to the city. Restaurants with Michelin stars or small, nice places with regional cuisine can be found everywhere in the city. Go on a culinary discovery tour with an escort of the Escort Service Cologne and enjoy a romantic meal in one of the most trendy restaurants of the city.


Do not miss the turn of the year or the "K├Âlner Lichter" with your callboy in Cologne

On New Year's Eve and at the "Cologne Lights" event, Cologne is the venue for Germany's largest music-synchronized fireworks display. On New Year's Eve, people dance to rock and pop in the popular club in Cologne-Ehrenfeld with fireworks in the beer garden.


Enjoy tingling hotel visits with a gigolo in Cologne

Of course, you don't have to be alone in Cologne, our gigolos will be happy to keep you company and sweeten your stay. Explore this beautiful North Rhine-Westphalian metropolis with one of our male escorts from Cologne and get to know the many sympathetic angles of the city together.

Enjoy an unforgettable time of togetherness in your hotel room. Pamper yourself with a massage or visit the spa and wellness complex of your hotel. Your callboy will take you to a time full of closeness and passion and put you in the center of the evening.


Your gigolo from Cologne as the perfect vacation companion

You can also book your gigolo from Cologne as an exclusive and personal vacation companion - from Cologne he will be happy to drive (or fly) with you even to the end of the world. Simply and discreetly request a booking - directly via the booking form. You can find it in every gigolo profile.


Restaurant recommendations in Cologne for a romantic dinner with your escort gentleman

Le Moissonnier - star cuisine with French bistro charm

Krefelder Stra├če 25
50670 Cologne

CARUSO Pastabar

Salierring 46
50677 Cologne
+49 221 938 6311

konrad im Hilton Cologne

Marzellenstr. 13-17
50668 Cologne
+49 221 130 714 450


Sight seeing and museums in Cologne

Cologne Cathedral ("K├Âlner Dom")

Dompropstei Margarethenkloster 5
50667 K├Âln
+49 221 179 40-100

Cologne Carnival Museum ("K├Âlner Karnevalsmuseum")

Maarweg 134-136
50825 K├Âln
+49 221 574 0076

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