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All gigolos are "Covid-free" and get tested before the date

All gigolos are "COVID-FREE" and only appear on a date at the customer's request if they have previously been tested negative for Covid19. The test takes place via a so-called "rapid test". These tests are available everywhere (Aldi, Lidl, DM ...) for a price of less than 5 € each.

Safety and health is written in BIG letters. We have reacted to counteract the increasing number of Covid-19 infections. In addition, we want to reduce fears of virus infection and create confidence.

  1. The applicable hygiene measures must be observed.
  2. Excluded are the cantons of Nidwalden and Zurich. Escort is prohibited here.
  3. No new escort work permits are currently issued.
  4. Home visits are allowed, but only in the states that allow them.
  5. 2-G rule (Vaccinated or recovered)

Updated at October 31th, 2022

The increased risks of contagion of the COVID-19 situation have prompted countries all over the world to introduce hygiene regulations, preventive contact restrictions and contact bans. Of course, this affects the callboy industry in particular, as personal contact between clients and escort masters is THE most important aspect of any callboy booking.

However, with the constantly changing legal and regulatory situation, it is often not easy to see through. Are escort services currently allowed in my city due to Corona regulations? Which types of escort services are allowed and which are not? And are there any special hygiene rules to be observed?

We hereby give you a transparent overview of the COVID-19 situation in the escort sector for the German-speaking area.

Corona Escort - What is the difference between "social time" & "sweet time"?

"Social time" refers to the time with an escort gentleman where there is no physical contact between the client and the callboy. Examples of this are an escort to dinner, for a special event or to the theater.

Sweet time refers to the time with an escort gentleman where there is physical contact between the client and the callboy. Examples include a home or hotel visit, a sensual couple date or a dinner date followed by an overnight stay.

Corona Escort - Hygiene regulations

As in other industries where physical contact takes place (e.g. doctor's offices, massage studios), increased precautionary measures apply in the escort sector to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These measures are defined in terms of hygiene regulations and include, for example, the following:

  • Places where "sweet time" takes place are to be equipped with freely available hand sanitizer.
  • Frequent ventilation of the places where "sweet time" takes place is recommended.
  • Clients and escorts should shower before and after sweet time. Alternatively, hands and face are washed with liquid soap.
  • A disposable or cloth mouth/nose protector should be worn by both escort and client.
  • Physical contact is to be limited to the necessary extent.

We have listed the laws and complete hygiene regulations valid in the respective countries in the source list for you to read. The regulations are to be considered as a supplement to applicable laws (e.g. national prostitution protection laws) for the protection of prostitution.

Sources Corona Escort Radar


Prostitution Protection Act Germany

COVID-19 hygiene rules Germany


Sources COVID-19 Austria

Sex work is prohibited in Austria- Lockdown, but here the 2-G rule applies. (Vaccinated or recovered)
For sex work, this means that customers must have a valid 2-G certificate. This must be checked before using the service. If such a proof is available, no mask must be worn during the service. No service can be offered without a valid 2-G certificate. Until 06.12.2021, a transition period applies: if proof of initial vaccination is available, sexual services can also be used with an additional negative PCR test.


All information listed here has been carefully researched and compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief. For any misstatements and misinterpretation of the legal situation and applicable regulations is expressly NO liability. To be on the safe side, please obtain information from competent authorities in your area.