BILD Pornstar Interview – Lando Ryder reveals secret details

In the BILD pornstar interview, gigolo Lando Ryder shares secret details. “The most important trick is that the orgasm is not the focus. Whether the lady lets herself be brought to orgasm or not is decided…”

Interview Gigolo Aaron – Sweet hours for HER

What men have always been able to acquire is also available to women, at the latest since the internet age, anytime and anywhere. This is ensured by gigolo platforms who offer only hand-picked gentlemen for the demanding and cautious clientele. Gentlemen like Aaron from Stuttgart.

Gigolo interview from the Ruhrnachrichten with Kevin from Dortmund

Kevin can be booked – for sex dates. The 41-year-old works as a gigolo. Talking about an unusual side job, he reveals who books him and which wild desires he turns down.

Book a gigolo – What do I have to consider when booking a gigolo?

Would you like to book a gigolo, but still have a lot of questions and feel a little unsure? No wonder, it’s not that easy to find the right man, let alone to meet him on a “sweet date” in an uncomplicated way. With this article we give you a small overview of the most important do’s and don’ts so that nothing goes wrong on your adventure with a gigolo.

Red light on? Red light off? The Escort Industry in Corona times!

In the erotic industry, hygiene was already a top priority before Corona times than in other service industries. Nevertheless, everything in Germany continues to stagnate, as politicians fear emerging foci of infection here. Likewise, sexual acts are hardly compatible with distance rules. Maybe there is a lack of imagination …

Gigolos with Satisfaction Guarantee – The Background

An encounter with a male companion involves a lot of feeling, beautiful conversations and that “certain something”. It is an exciting affair for a gigolo, as neither he, nor the customer or the couple knows what exactly will happen in the booked time. You’ve talked or written a lot before the date, but meeting each other for the first time in real life is exciting.

On April 2nd let’s celebrate women’s right to escort services

We celebrate the day of the male companion. Even if there is still social rejection – women have the right to a gigolo. Everyone who would like to make a very special gift with a male companion or a callboy is cordially invited to join in the celebration. And all active companions and call boys anyway. How nice that you exist, and that you do what you do!

❤️ celebrates Valentine’s Day & Condom Day ❤️

The day that flower sellers have record sales. Everyone gives flowers, but what if you were looking for a first-class gift for a loved one? That very special “something”? Then give yourself time with a callboy. What could be nicer to spend this day with a wonderful man, who devotes himself to the “recipient” with all his senses and pure passion, pays attention and pampers them.

Perfumed Garden – The special erotic magazine for women

Since 06.02.2020, a new and rather unusual women’s magazine has delighted the female readership. With various exciting and erotic guiding themes, the most beautiful secondary thing in the world for women is brought to the fore – and that in every issue. – because you deserve it | Online since 6.2.2020

We proudly present: CALLBOYZ.NET! With this platform and our claim “because you deserve it” we want nothing less than to ushest a new era of women.