Become a gigolo - in 5 steps with us to the dream job gigolo!

Becoming a gigolo is a dream job for many men. As a male escort for women you always get to know new and exciting personalities. You have the great fortune and enjoy the beautiful sides of life together with them.

This is why the profession of a gigolo is one of the absolute dream jobs

Spending a good time as a male escort with extremely friendly ladies and being paid extraordinarily well for it - that sounds tempting? It is. Because it is not for nothing that the "profession gigolo" is one of the real dream jobs. On your travels as a gigolo you explore numerous places worth seeing in the world and stay only in the most beautiful hotels.
In the job as a gigolo you work 100% self-determined and maximum flexible in time. You alone decide who you want to meet for a gigolo event. We explain to you what you have to do to make this dream come true.

But how do I become a sought-after gigolo?

We invite you to join us as a gigolo or escort.
Your lucrative side job is only 5 steps away:

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    Request info mail

  • number-02

    Submit application video and pictures

  • number-03

    Perceive casting interview

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    Pay admission fee and receive inquiries

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    Create profile

Become a gigolo - the most important things explained simply.

Can anyone do the job as a gigolo? What does the job as a gigolo look like in everyday life and what do I have to consider? What does it cost and what are the advantages of becoming a gigolo with us as your advertising partner? With great pleasure we have answered these and other important questions for you.

What characterizes a good gigolo?

In order to be able to successfully practice the gigolo profession, the happiness of the woman must be seriously and authentically close to your heart as an escort. In addition, as a gigolo you should have a natural attraction to the ladies and a positive charisma. It is important that you can listen well and respond to the wishes of the lady.

A certain level of education helps an escort gentleman to make a conversation thematically flexible and equally interesting. After all, the lady pays a lot of money for the service and consequently has a high expectation of the upcoming gigolo event. The associated pressure on the gigolo is enormous. A good dose of self-confidence and "manual dexterity" is therefore also of great importance.


Becoming a gigolo - What do I need to bring with me and what can I learn?

There is a certain "basic equipment" of personal qualities that are essential to become a successful gigolo. An above-average good appearance and sufficient height are among these factors.

Other characteristics are closely linked to the individual personality and character traits and are therefore very difficult to train. These include, for example, natural and authentic attraction to the ladies or distinctive empathic abilities.

Other areas, on the other hand, can certainly be learned or trained. These include, for example, impeccable manners, good communication skills and a firm grasp of the usual rules of etiquette.

The satisfaction of the woman must be seriously close to your heart. Honestly, authentically and because you associate a great joy with making a lady happy.

What are your advantages with us as your gigolo advertising partner?

We make sure that your online profile is found by interested customers! It sounds simple, but it's not. We make enormous marketing efforts in terms of search engine optimization, advertising campaigns, affiliate marketing, etc.

With the orientation of the platform and the gigolo selection, we exclusively address ladies who place special value on quality. The result is a high number of visitors from the right customer group. For you this means: Qualified booking requests


An open feedback culture ensures constant improvements

We are always coming up with new ideas and services to make your job as a gigolo easier. So be curious, we have a lot planned! If you have any further ideas on how we can optimize the platform or improve your profile - we are looking forward to your suggestions.


We are serious and support you on your way to become a sought-after gigolo!

Your success is our success. We strive to maintain this win-win situation and take care of the marketing success of your gigolo profile. In addition, a professional gigolo is always available to you as a mentor with uncomplicated advice and support.

Which gigolo promotional rates are offered and how much do they cost?

We offer you to advertise your service as a callboy or escort service for women with your profile

"All-inclusive" promotional rate: Your profile, receiving booking requests and an unlimited number of bookings is part of this rate.

The advertising duration is selected when filling out the casting form. In general, you will always be informed by us two weeks before the end of your advertisement and you can always decide again whether you want us to continue to look after you.

  • Initial interview with professional gigolo incl. potential analysis

    (casting call approx. 15 min.)

  • Gigolo profile optimization

    (e.g. text optimization, image cropping, pixelation)

  • Voice and video intro for profile enhancement

    (incl. optimization of image & sound, video editing, etc.)

Payment is due immediately after the casting interview. Should it come out in the casting interview that we can not take you on, of course no payment is due.

Pay per Profile (flat advertising rate)


CBZ + CBV -4 months

4 months for 400 €

Your ad for 4 months
This offer is only valid for beginners - who have never been listed on the portals and/or


CBZ + CBV -4 months

4 months for 1200 €

Your ad for 4 months
This offer is only valid for gigolos who have already been listed as gigolos on the portals and/or for at least 4 months


CBZ + CBV -6 months

6 months for 1650 €

Your ad for 6 months
This offer is only valid for gigolos who have already been listed as gigolos on the portals and/or for at least 4 months



CBZ + CBV -12 months

12 months for 3000 €

Your ad for 12 months
This offer is only valid for gigolos who have already been listed as gigolos on the portals and/or for at least 4 months

(keine Kündigung erforderlich)

What options are offered to receive even more booking requests?

Your profile as a TOP position on the home page. The more interested customers are made aware of you, the greater the chance of increasing the number of your booking requests. Placing your profile on the home page is a very good way to increase your visibility. On average, you can expect an increase in visitors of more than 30%.

TOP 4 Mon

4 months for 120 €
(30 €/month)

TOP 6 Mon

6 months for 150 €
(25 €/month)

TOP 12 Mon

12 months for 240 €
(20 €/month)

The booking is made online in the designated step in the application process as well as the payment of the corresponding fee.

Your advantages as a gigolo with us as an advertising partner at a glance:

  • Highly qualified booking requests, quality instead of quantity

    You receive highly qualified booking requests without a long "around the clock". This saves your time and the time of your customers.

  • Direct communication to the customer

    You can communicate immediately and discreetly with your clients in person without us interfering.

  • Free consultation & personal contact

    For questions of all kinds, a gigolo professional is reliably available to you as a mentor. And at any time!

  • Best online reach

    Daily website optimization to ensure best online reach

  • Support with your self-marketing

    We support you in developing new potentials for self-marketing (e.g. video intro).

  • Certified callboy team with satisfaction guarantee

    Carefully selected and tested gigolo team, which operates according to uniform quality standards (Callboy Codex). The satisfaction guarantee ensures the best reputation in the entire industry, from which you benefit equally.

  • Transparent prices, no hidden fees

    Our credo: Fair and transparent pricing. You can be sure with us that the price/performance ratio is very good.

  • Continuous further development

    Continuous further development of the high-quality online platform as well as many other innovative service and partner offers that make your job as a callboy easier.

You want to apply for a job as a gigolo?

You are motivated by the above criteria and you still think you have what it takes to become a professional gigolo? Then we are looking forward to your application! In the casting area you will find a casting form as well as further information. It is especially important to us that you carefully read and understand the Callboy Codex and that you can identify with our philosophy.

Become an escort man - only the opinion of the satisfied customer counts!

We know very well what women want or not. To fulfill the needs of a woman it requires much more than just a toned body.
What counts for us in the end is the opinion of the customer, who is enthusiastic about the quality of your service.
With this in mind, we check very carefully who can join our team. Becoming a gigolo and earning money with us means that you act on your own responsibility and on your own account when making bookings. You will regularly receive highly qualified booking requests and do not have to plan any further marketing activities.


These 7 basic personal requirements are important in the job as a gigolo:

  1. Natural attraction to women as well as stylistic confidence in dealing with women.
  2. Healthy values & human maturity (e.g. discretion, respectful treatment of fellow human beings)
  3. Good empathic and communication skills (e.g. being sensitive, exuding ease and joy, good conflict management)
  4. Well groomed, attractive appearance and good manners (e.g., being courteous)
  5. Knowledge of the dangers of this profession (e.g., stalking, canceling appointments)
  6. Health - you must not have any contagious diseases (current HIV test as well as willingness to provide a current health certificate if necessary)
  7. Height - it is, similarly to the ladies escort world, a success factor not to be despised. Gentlemen below 1.75m will unfortunately have a very hard time getting booking requests.


What information do you need from me to create a profile?

We need some essential information about you to be able to judge whether you meet the customer requirements and to be able to create your gigolo profile completely.

In the casting form we ask for your personal data (name, e-mail address), the required profile information (e.g. nickname, age, height, current location), your "service offer", your prices and your individual profile text.


The form has been sent, what happens next?

Immediately after sending the form, you will receive an e-mail from us as confirmation of receipt. In it, we ask you to reserve your desired date for the following casting interview via our scheduling tool. Your reservation is considered as an appointment confirmation. We will contact you at this time as agreed. The interview will take place via videocall using your preferred videocall tool.

Please note: We cannot accept you without your appointment selection and the casting call!


How exactly does the casting call work?

The goal of the personal casting interview is to finally assess whether your intellectual and visual qualities match the high and complex requirements of our customers.

The standardized interview will take around 30-45 minutes of your time and you do not need to prepare for it. Individual points concerning your person will be discussed as well as all questions from you in our direction.


When will I know if I am accepted as a gigolo or not?

Immediately after the casting interview, we will inform you about the decision whether we can accept you into our team or, for example, only under "conditions". This can mean, for example, that we would love to have you on our team, but your images do not meet the quality standards of our customers. In this case you would have to fulfill this condition first so that we can activate your profile. If we can accept you, you can look forward to exciting and very lucrative times.


Can I also register "only" as a companion without offering "sweet time"?

Yes, but in any case! All you have to do is leave the sweet time price information for your services blank in the casting form. For us this means that you would like to work as an escort only. Your offer will then only include events in which no "physicality" takes place (social time).


I would like to apply as a professional masseur - is that possible?

You are a masseur and want to offer your services to ladies? Or do you offer professional tantra massages? You are welcome to use our portal to advertise this service as well.

We look forward to seeing you!

Do you have any further questions about casting or the application process? Feel free to take a look at our Callboy-FAQ, write to us via Telegram or send an email to We will contact you immediately and do our best to answer your questions.