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Vienna is one of the most visited cities in Europe and is considered a city with a very high quality of life. The historic centre of Vienna, mainly characterised by buildings from the Wilhelminian, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods, as well as Sch├Ânbrunn Palace, are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Whether a cultural event, a romantic dinner or a visit to a gala event. These and many other experiences are available to you in Vienna.

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Get to Know Vienna

Start your stay with a romantic carriage ride through the city with a gigolo from Vienna

They are a tourist magnet and are part of Vienna's cityscape - the Fiaker (two-horse carriages). A carriage ride through Vienna lets you walk in the footsteps of times long past. Feel like Sissi in the company of your gigolo and enjoy the flair of this wonderful city. Pure romance!


Visit the highlights of the city with a beautiful Gigolo from Escort Service Vienna

Three epochs shape the face of the former residence of the Habsburg emperors. First the Middle Ages with the Gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral, one of Vienna's landmarks. Then the Baroque period, whose most important legacy is the Hofburg with its opulent domes. And thirdly, the "Ringstrasse era" of the late 19th century, when magnificent buildings such as the State Opera House and the Museum of Art History were built in place of the city walls.

Vienna's old town with its imperial flair is home to numerous churches, palaces and parks. The rich collections assembled originate from wealthy rulers. The flair also includes the centuries-long musical tradition of the court music band through Mozart's classical music to the waltzes of the Strauss dynasty. Equally inseparable from Vienna's Old Town is the enjoyment of Viennese cuisine and the cosiness of the coffee houses.


Enjoy the cosmopolitan flair of the city with your top gigolo from Vienna.

Vienna is the most liveable city in the world for the 10th time in 2019. In the so-called Mercer study, the cities with the highest quality of life are chosen every year. Political and economic aspects are included in the ranking as well as socio-cultural and environmental aspects.


Get to know the music city Vienna with your escort from Escort Service Vienna

Welcome to the world capital of music! Many famous composers have lived in Vienna, more than in any other city in Europe. Music is in the air in Vienna. The waltz and the operetta come from here. Musicals "Made in Vienna" delight international audiences every year.

The city's concert halls and theatre stages offer classical and progressive sounds at the same time. All year round you can experience one festival after another. Opera fans enjoy world stars of distinction and friends of jazz get their money's worth in a pulsating jazz scene.

The numerous pop and rock concerts provide unforgettable live music experiences. But lovers of electronic music also get their money's worth and find the right club to chill out in. If you just want to dance, you will find the right ambience in one of the numerous clubs.

Experience classical music in Vienna with a gigolo from Vienna Male Escort

In Vienna, 10,000 music enthusiasts listen to live classical music every evening - more than in any other city in the world. Spread over the year, that's more than 15,000 events of all genres and sizes in Vienna's concert calendar.

A concert by the Vienna Boys' Choir is a must for every classical music fan. The Vienna Boys' Choir thrill concert audiences all over the world, making music with world-class musicians. In Vienna they regularly perform in their own concert hall "MuTh" and in the Hofburgkapelle.

Get a taste of festival air at the Vienna Film Festival and experience film premieres with your gigolo in Vienna.

The Film Festival on Vienna's Rathausplatz has been part of Vienna for over three decades.  It has become a trademark of the federal capital. Hundreds of thousands of people from Vienna and all over the world visit the popular event every year.

Very popular with tourists is the unique mixture of culture, culinary delights and the special flair of the city.  With free admission and under the open sky, you can experience a unique combination of great musical productions and first-class gastronomy.


Visit the Viennale, the oldest film festival in Austria with a gigolo from Vienna.

14 days, 5 cinemas, 300 films - where can you find that? In Vienna, of course, at the Viennale. The Viennale has been around since the 70s and takes place every October in Vienna. The events are held at several venues such as the Gartenbaukino, the Urania, the Metro-Kino, the Stadtkino, the Filmmuseum and the K├╝nstlerhaus-Kino.

You should not be alone at this stylish cultural experience in a class of its own. In the company of a gigolo in Vienna, a visit to this event will be an unforgettable experience.


Get to know the coffeehouse culture in a historical ambience with a gigolo in Vienna.

UNESCO designated the Viennese coffeehouse culture as an intangible cultural heritage in 2011. Only in Vienna you can find the real Viennese coffeehouse culture. Feel the Viennese tradition and immerse yourself in the old Viennese world of Melange, Buchteln and living history.

The aroma of fresh coffee and freshly baked cakes, tarts and strudels wafts through the air. Guests chat about God and the world. How about a piece of Sacher cake? It is considered a speciality of Viennese cuisine and is listed as such in the register of "Traditional Foods".

The Viennese coffee house culture is unique, sometimes sociable and sometimes alone. A stylish companion from Escort Service Vienna will be very happy to keep you company and enrich your Viennese coffee experience.


How about a romantic dinner with a Viennese gigolo?

Vienna has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. Not only are there the classics such as "Wiener Schnitzel", Sachertorte, Kaiserschmarrn, Tafelspitz and Co. When it comes to good, traditional cuisine, there are some great inns and restaurants. But you will also find something in Vienna in the exquisite area of star chefs and Michelin-starred cuisine. Look forward to a wonderful dinner date with a gigolo in Vienna.


Recommendations in Vienna: Culture / Sights / Music festivals / Culinary delights


Hofburg Chapel in the Hofburg (German: Hofburgkapelle in der Hofburg)


MuTh - Concert Hall of the Vienna Boys' Choir (German: MuTh ÔÇô Konzertsaal der Wiener S├Ąngerknaben)


Vienna Boys' Choir (German: Wiener S├Ąngerknaben)


Viennale ÔÇô Vienna International Film Festival


St. Stephen's Cathedral (German: Stephansdom)


Caf├ę Sperl


Cafe Frauenhuber "The oldest coffee house in Vienna"

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