Gigolo Heidelberg

Heidelberg - a magnet for tourists

Enjoy the picturesque flair of the Neckarwiese with your gigolo

The Heidelberg Neckarwiese offers an ideal space for relaxation, play, sport and fun. Stroll along with your gigolo along the green promenade along the river bank, which offers an enchanting view of the old town and Heidelberg Castle. A special highlight is the castle lighting with fireworks, which takes place three times a year and can be admired particularly well from the Neckarwiese.

For the particularly active, trips on the Neckar ship, pedal boats or rowing boats offer a thrilling experience not next to, but on the Neckar.

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Get to know Heidelberg

Lose your heart in Heidelberg with discreet gigolos.

I lost my heart in Heidelberg on
a mild summer night.
I was in love up to my ears
and her mouth laughed like a rose.
And when we
said goodbye at the gates at the last kiss, I recognized it clearly:
that I lost my heart in Heidelberg.
My heart, it beats on the Neckar beach.

Refrain of the song "I lost my heart in Heidelberg" by Fred Raymond, 1925


Pure romance with your gigolo in Heidelberg Castle, the most famous ruin in the world

The castle ruins towers majestically over the roofs of Heidelberg's old town. Follow in the footsteps of the electors who resided in Heidelberg Castle for over five centuries with your gigolo. Even today there is a mysterious magic in the castle - let your gigolo pull you under the spell of the castle.


Discover Heidelberg's history and culture with your callboy

The Museum of Sacred Art and Liturgy, the Friedrich-Ebert-Haus, the V├Âlkerkundemuseum, the German Pharmacy Museum, the Kurpf├Ąlzisches Museum ... these are just a small selection of museums in which you can get exciting insights into the countless facets of the Be able to catch art, culture and stories.

For art enthusiasts in particular, the Heidelberger Kunstverein, one of the oldest art associations in Germany, offers art on an international level that spans epochs. Our gigolos will be happy to guide you to the accompanying and mediation programs, which can also be used for the production of artistic works.


The colorful Heidelberg theater world

Experience the diversity of the Heidelberg theater with our gigolos. The theater and philharmonic orchestra of the city of Heidelberg, the TiKK.-Theater, the Taeter-Theater, the Unterwegs-Theater, the Zimmer Theater and many other theaters offer everything a theater-hungry heart desires. You will enjoy unforgettable evenings with our callboys.

Animal experiences with a gigolo in the Heidelberg Zoo

Do you love animals, especially those of the exotic and wild species? Go on safari with your gigolo in the Heidelberg Zoo. From Asian elephants to meerkats and lowland gorillas to dwarf goats - there are over 2000 animals in over 150 species to discover at Heidelberg Zoo.


Let off steam with your gigolo with the Heidelberg sports offer

Get the most out of it. Let the kangaroo out in you with your gigolo in the jumping shack or climb the highest heights in the climbing and bouldering center. Always higher, always livelier with the callboy by your side.

Or have you ever dreamed of being an action hero? In the World of Lasertag you will demonstrate your strategic skills, ability to react, perseverance, tactics and teamwork. Save the world with your gigolo as a sidekick.


Sweeten your time while visiting a hotel with a Heidelberg gigolo in a Heidelberg hotel

Of course, you don't have to be alone in Heidelberg, our callboys are happy to keep you company when you visit a hotel and turn your stay into an enchanting experience. Experience, for example, Heidelberg's exciting nightlife in the company of one of our Heidelberg escorts and enjoy an unforgettable time together. Other services available in Heidelberg include, for example, a romantic dinner date with your escort man, an unforgettable erotic night or a male companion for events of all kinds.


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