Gigolos with Satisfaction Guarantee – The Background

An encounter with a male companion involves a lot of feeling, beautiful conversations and that “certain something”. It is an exciting affair for a gigolo, as neither he, nor the customer or the couple knows what exactly will happen in the booked time. You’ve talked or written a lot before the date, but meeting each other for the first time in real life is exciting.

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What can a woman expect from the satisfaction guarantee?

An encounter with a male companion involves a lot of feeling, wonderful conversations and that "certain something". It is an exciting matter for a gigolo because neither he nor the customer or the couple knows what exactly will happen in the booked time. You have spoken or written a lot before the date, but meeting each other for the first time is exciting.

She can expect that the man she has found via the gigolo profile also corresponds 1: 1 to the man she meets. The customer has the guarantee to book and meet a callboy who corresponds to the authentic description in the profile and introduction video. 

The booked man is reliable and she can be sure that he will appear on time at a meeting. The expectations must be met 100%. This relates, for example, to body size, appearance and voice. 

In the real encounter, the lady will also discover exciting new facets of the booked man. This includes a good smell, situation-dependent conversations, the look and familiarity. There are no unpleasant surprises because it keeps what it promises.


Label Satisfaction GuaranteeWe are the inventors of the satisfaction guarantee in the escort sector - and for good reason

Our gigolos are specialized in being able to react in every situation, be it with a vacation companion, in case of difficulties at the airport, or in unusual situations. Of course, they can't know everything. That is why they are trained at regular intervals and they always have a professional coach at their side. So that both sides are satisfied, we invest a lot of time and effort in making our customers happy. More about our satisfaction guarantee


How does the satisfaction guarantee work?

If you are (justifiably) not satisfied with the performance of one of our callboys, the customer is entitled to appropriate regulation directly from her gigolo. It is important that the customer gives her gigolo the opportunity to compensate for unfulfilled expectations. It is up to both parties which form of regulation is chosen.

Of course, this also means that the displeasure was expressed at a time when the C allboy can still react. Not only when the “child” has already fallen into the well.

If, for example, the customer wishes to break off the meeting, the reimbursement or the form of settlement will be made immediately when the reason for the break occurs on site via the respective gigolo.

Why is a satisfaction guarantee so important?

From a customer's point of view, it is not easy to find the right provider. Because how should a customer know what exactly is behind it and what advantages and disadvantages there are. It is not always clear what a customer “gets” when she is willing to pay. 

With many escort providers it is completely unclear what is being “sold”. For example, some escort agencies and advertising platforms have deliberately created fake profiles, it is a reality in this industry. Here one can assume that only a few customers are satisfied.

How can I get involved quickly and erotically with an almost unknown man?

This includes the willingness to get involved in something new, to create a beautiful atmosphere in which closeness and sensuality are possible. Flexibility is a special quality that not everyone has. Our callboys can get involved with an unknown woman

The well-being of the lady is seriously important to them. To pamper the lady with all her senses is a pleasure for our gigolos. You recognize the needs and desires of women and have fun making a lady happy.

Learn the satisfaction guarantee? We help our gigolos with this

All call boys are prepared by us in terms of conversation confidence, style and how to deal with different situations. You will learn the "basics of the callboy business". Insecurities of your own are not appropriate, because the customer wants to enjoy the time and pays for this service. Find out more about the " Gigolo Codex " seal of quality .

Satisfaction guarantee begins with the selection of suitable callboy applicants 

Our callboys are checked and scrutinized carefully. The application is made via an online tool and there you can see from the information submitted who has what it takes. Applicants must submit professional photos, give a voice intro or make a video about themselves. Thus there is a meaningful profile of the applicant who can present himself authentically with it. Learn more about our professional casting process.