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We proudly present: CALLBOYZ.NET! With this platform and our claim “because you deserve it” we want nothing less than to ushest a new era of women.

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In the context of these pages, we place all the needs of women in the absolute center. In the profession of commercial love, which is often still very disreputable, we clear up prejudices and proclaim an uncompromising and completely new era.

A time when the lady can say with a proud chest: “Yes, I have booked time with a beautiful man. Why? Because I’m worth it and I deserve it!” does not tolerate social condemnation and evaluation of sex service providers and customers. On the contrary, we see the increasing popularity of gigolo bookings as an important, positive signal for a growing awareness of one’s own needs within women. It should be a matter of course – analogous to the men’s world – that a lady, self-confident and completely without shame, buys a man to satisfy her emotional and/or physical needs.

Let us invite you on a journey of sensuality and seduction.

All gigolos listed are connected by a common innermost drive: to make you happy. With a large selection of gigolo events, our gigolos offer a colorful portfolio of different services. Everything you can imagine as a woman can come true with one of our male companions. Your most ardent dreams full of passion and closeness fulfill our gigolos as well as the desire to just have a nice conversation partner with you on a trip. The range of gigolos and the gigolo events offered is increasing daily. Our first goal is to enable a nationwide range of professional gigolos in German-speaking countries.

Furthermore, we would like to give ladies the opportunity to make instant bookings of their desired gigolo without much fuss. Reliable, discreet and professional.

We look forward to seeing you – your team of