Book a gigolo – What do I have to consider when booking a gigolo?

Would you like to book a gigolo, but still have a lot of questions and feel a little unsure? No wonder, it’s not that easy to find the right man, let alone to meet him on a “sweet date” in an uncomplicated way. With this article we give you a small overview of the most important do’s and don’ts so that nothing goes wrong on your adventure with a gigolo.

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Book a gigolo made easy – Here you will find out the most important do’s and don’ts for the perfect gigolo adventure

Booking a gigolo – here are the Do’s

The cornerstone of the upcoming adventure is the callboy booking . If he has been found, it is important that it is clarified in advance for which event (home visit, hotel visit, leisure time accompaniment) the companion is booked. The place of the meeting, the time and the length of the meeting should be determined. Each companion shows in their profile what makes them special, which meetings are possible and which preferences they can serve.

In any case, a desired date can be stated. As a rule, this is also given priority.

The companion’s fee relates to the type (social or sweet time) of the meeting and the length (e.g. 3h or overnight).

The scope of services of the desired event is described in the respective section. In addition, there are clear references to the integrated services in the “individual booking rules” of the companion, such as whether kissing is permitted or not.

The total costs of the booking are made up of the callboy fee, the costs of travel, the hotel costs and the additional costs of the date, such as food, drinks or tickets. The fee costs can be seen in the respective profile. Travel costs are to be calculated individually with the specified kilometer flat rate, depending on the distance to the place of booking.

Individual requests that are not visible in the companion’s profile or the events offered can be explained in more detail to the callboy when making the booking request. Requests for the dress code can also be specified. Tip for booking a callboy: In general, one can say that the more precisely the date ideas are communicated to the gentleman when making the request, the better. Otherwise everything can of course be discussed personally with the call boy in advance.

There should be sufficient time for both parties to plan ahead . If an appointment for a date becomes more specific, we recommend checking availability on the desired date via a booking request, rather early than too late. Tip for booking a callboy: The callboys are in demand and have probably already blocked some appointments in their calendars. Particularly for longer holiday accompaniments, it is advisable to inquire about the booking directly and then to clarify everything else personally afterwards. 

Whether a deposit is required and in what amount is specified in the companion’s profile. The down payment (if requested) and, if necessary, the reimbursement of travel expenses must be made discreetly in advance by PayPal or SEPA transfer. The fee is to be handed over to the callboy in cash in an envelope at the beginning of the date. 

Compulsory condoms are standard in this industry. Each companion has their own brand, with which they feel comfortable and have had good experiences. It is not necessary for the customer to bring condoms.

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Communication is a basic requirement for “getting to know each other”. From the first contact, a pleasant and trusting atmosphere should be created. Only in this way can wishes be expressed and fears removed. Tip for booking a callboy: The customer determines how the callboy will contact her. Several communication channels are available for this, from which the customer can freely choose. After sending the request, the companion will contact the customer immediately via the channel of choice for her.

If the callboy wishes to see a picture of the lady in advance , then it is necessary to send a picture. As a rule, he will not accept a booking beforehand. Tip to book a callboy: It’s about ensuring the authenticity of the inquiring customer. A selfi is completely sufficient.

The meeting itself should take place in an appealing atmosphere and ideally also include very good service. As a rule, the companion does not have to register with his or her real name, but goes straight to the hotel room. Here, too, absolute discretion applies .

Tip for booking a callboy : use the free service! If you have general questions or if you simply want to talk to us about advice or arbitration, we are of course always available as an independent contact. Be it via our Whatsapp service , Telegram or by phone. In the case of telephone inquiries, we only ask you to make a short appointment via the following link: Make an appointment for the service call. As a rule, appointments can be made at very short notice at any time and can be easily and flexibly arranged using our online calendar.

Booking a gigolo – Here the Dont’s

It goes without saying that the agreed fee is in the envelope (unless otherwise agreed) and will be handed over at the agreed location. An absolute no-go is if the price is renegotiated on site or during the meeting. The fee has been set and agreed in advance. Subsequent haggling not only destroys the trusting atmosphere on site but can even lead to the immediate termination of the date.

Every companion is open to the wishes of the customer. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t bring a second person with you on a date without asking if it has not been discussed beforehand. One or the other companion will agree, completely taken by surprise, if the fee is corrected upwards accordingly. But it can also be the case that the wishes cannot be met at such short notice and the date subsequently falls apart.

Discretion is an essential part of the business model and must of course always be observed by both parties. A companion has a private life just like any other person. The privacy of a companion is just as important to protect and respect as that of the customer.

A respectful fully he use before, during and after the meeting is required. Whether further communication will take place after the meeting should be discussed during or after the meeting. In general, a companion always acts independently and can of course also refuse a customer. Tip to book a callboy: It has to be right for both sides. Friendly and respectful communication as well as an appreciative interaction with one another should always be maintained. A meeting is usually canceled in advance by the companion if he is not shown the necessary respect.

Falling in love – a sensitive topic. It often happens that in the intoxication of feelings, perceptions arise that are similar to falling in love. Customers should know that this service feels real and still only lasts for a certain time.

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Dissatisfaction on site? We’re all human. In exceptional cases it can of course happen that a date does not go as both sides would like it to. Perhaps the customer’s ideas were a little too far removed from reality here and there? Or is one of the parties not feeling well in the short term in terms of health? Anything can happen. It is important that you meet at eye level and communicate promptly and openly on site. Only then does the callboy have the chance to change something in the current situation. Book a tip for a callboy:In general, it is always advisable to reach an agreement on site and directly with the callboy. All companions are warm, smart and courteous. They will always meet you with understanding and together with you they will find a satisfactory solution.

The meeting with a companion can be an unforgettable time and there it happens that you let yourself go and forget time and space. Occasionally, customers are asked to leave off the condom and continue without protection . Tip to book a callboy: We strongly advise against this. Not only that no companion will get involved. It is also a violation of the portal’s guidelines, as well as a general violation of applicable law. On the other hand, the secret removal of the condom during the act is also classified as a criminal offense.

When calling with a suppressed number , we ask for your understanding that acceptance is not possible. We guarantee absolute discretion, our customers can rely on that. Tip for booking a callboy: If you need to talk to us personally, simply make an appointment using the following link in our calendar: Make an appointment for the service call. We will then reliably contact you at the desired date using the route you have specified. It couldn’t be easier, we look forward to seeing you.

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