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What is Tantra?

For many people, the term tantra or tantric massage is used exclusively to describe a sexual practice. Unlike the Kamasutra, however, Tantra goes far beyond the sexual emotional level.

Tantra is far more than just a trendy sex practice.

Similar to the multi-layered teachings of love or the different types of faith, Tantra cannot be put into a universally valid definition. The Indian teaching of Tantra strives for the connection of body, mind and soul and includes physical, philosophical and religious elements in equal measure. Which aspects of Tantra you wish to explore for yourself is entirely up to you.

Erotic massages are well-known Tantra rituals.

Among the most popular (and simplest) Tantra rituals are sensual and erotic massages. The original Indian idea behind this is that the body is divided into seven different energy streams, so-called "chakras". These energy currents are stimulated and "made to flow" during the sensual Tantra massages. The separation between body and mind and between heart and desire is removed. Perception "as a whole" is promoted by this flow of energy. The aim is to increase sexual energy until the state of ecstasy is reached.

What can I experience as a woman during a Tantra massage?

During a sensual Tantra massage for women, the focus is on the physical pleasure of the woman. The massage of the erogenous zones of the whole body harmonises the personal hormone balance and strengthens the sexual self-esteem. Original tantric massages go far beyond the general ideas of love, intimacy and sexuality. The individual needs of the woman can also be included. Every Tantra massage offers the chance of an unforgettable and special experience beyond everyday stress. Look forward to pure pleasure.

During the Tantra massage for women, every part of the body is touched and "worshipped".

Starting with the feet, the hands, the face, the ears, the belly and the genitals. The expansion of the sensory horizon is stimulated through sensual touch; all of the woman's senses are stimulated. Some ladies even report a healing, lasting effect with repeated applications.

What women love about Tantra massages:

  • Strengthening sexual self-confidence and inner balance.
  • Sensitisation of the sensation of skin and erogenous zones
  • Support in healing processes (e.g. after operations, after birth pains or with menstrual cramps)

A tantric massage is a wonderful time out - let yourself be surprised by the great sensations your wonderful body is capable of.

Rücken einer Frau die von einem Mann massiert wird

What Tantra massages are there for women?

Many places offer a range of different Tantra massages. Sensual massages for the lady, for the man or also Tantra massages for couples. The most frequently chosen Tantra massage for ladies is certainly the so-called "Yoni massage". In combination with the yoni massage, the anal massage is also offered from time to time; it is less frequently booked as a massage on its own or chosen by the ladies.

Yoni massage for ladies

"Yoni" is the ancient Indian term for vagina or vulva and also means source, or origin. This Tantra massage focuses on the pampering of the female sexual organ. Alternating tapping and circular movements provide stimulation of the pleasure points of the vagina and turn the massage into a lustful firework of sensual sensation.

Anal massage for ladies

The massage of the inner and outer area of the female anus can also be included in the tantric massage for women. This erogenous body orifice, which is often neglected, especially by ladies, can open up new dimensions of pleasure - if one is willing to engage in it. Whether the anal massage should be part of the Yoni massage should be discussed with the Tantra masseur or Tantra masseuse in advance.


Where are Tantra massages for women offered?

Our gigolos offer Tantra massages in many different cities. In addition, our gigolos for tantra massages are also happy to come to your city or even to your home.

Tantra Massage Berlin

The capital city certainly offers the most diverse range of Tantra massages in Germany. From professional Tantra institutes to excellent massage studios as well as a lot of self-employed Tantra masseuses - the offer is sheer overwhelming. Here you can find everything about Tantra massages in Berlin.

Tantra Massage Köln

In Köln gibt es eine Reihe von professionellen Tantra Studios und stylischen Massagesalons, die sich auf den Bereich von Tantra Massagen spezialisiert haben. Auch einige private Tantra Anbieter haben sich in Köln einen sehr guten Namen machen können. Hier finden Sie alles zu Tantra Massagen in Köln.

Tantra Massage Hamburg

Das Tantra Angebot in Hamburg ist groß, neben zahlreichen Studios bieten sich unzählige Damen als professionelle Tantra Masseurinnen an. Die Qualität sollte man allerdings im Auge behalten, nicht alles ist in Hamburg eine Tantra Massage was als solches verkauft wird. Erkunden Sie sich daher unbedingt nach einer entsprechenden Ausbildung. Hier finden Sie alles zu Tantra Massagen in Hamburg.

Buddha Skulptur im Lotus

Tantra Yoga & Tantra Massages - Background, Origin & Philosophy
Tantra origin


Tantra origin

Tantra finds its origin already in the 2nd century. However, the full teachings of the art of love from India are only available around 750 AD. Translated from ancient Indian, Tantra means something like "fabric" or "structure". What is meant by this is the linking of spiritual and worldly aspects. Sexuality plays an important role in Tantra, as the linkage also means the bringing together of the male and female principles. Tantric sexuality also serves as a means of self-awareness and self-knowledge.

“The Tantric Philosophy" All is One

The idea of Tantra seeks its execution and experience in the earthly. Components of this are the cultivation of present values such as joy of life, love as well as sensual pleasure. According to tantric guidance, experiences should be consciously penetrated. This means that they should not dwell in a judgemental consciousness that distinguishes, for example, between "pure" and "impure" or "high" and "low". A liberated consciousness without distinctions is the goal of the Tantra.

Subtle body and kundalini power

The tantric concept goes beyond the subtle body. The body is understood as the image of the entire universe and the "temple of the soul". Access to the original secrets of existence is gained by those who can direct and control their body and the energetic processes that take place in it. The elemental force in the human body is located in the pelvis and is called the "Kundalini force". Tapping into this Kundalini force is the aim of the Tantra.

Shiva-Shakti philosophy

The polarity of the universe is described by the Shiva-Shakti philosophy. Under this philosophy, the fusion of the Kundalini force with the highest, absolute is understood. "Shakti", the female symbol for energy is considered active and "Shiva", the male symbol for consciousness is considered passive. In white tantra, this fusion symbolises the fusion of female and male energies.

The three types of Tantra Yoga

Modern forms of Tantra can be roughly divided into three types: Into "white tantra", "red tantra" and "black tantra".

  1. White Tantra (energetic ritual Tantra)

    White Tantra consists mainly of meditations and Kundalini Yoga. Rituals, fire ceremonies and pilgrimages are also part of white tantra. Kundalini Yoga, as well as white Tantra in general, serves to purify the subconscious in order to be open to the flow of energy again. Kundalini Yoga is practised together with a partner. The aim is to dissolve energetic blockages and overcome old thought patterns.

  2. Red Tantra (sexual ritual tantra)

    In red tantra, the sexual union of partners is said to be an energetic act that elevates the spirit. The practices of red tantra are used to fuse the energies in a very sensual way.

  3. Black Tantra

    In black tantra, energies can be directed to manipulate other people and their thoughts and/or to pursue selfish goals. The practices of black tantra are therefore often compared to "evil" black magic.


There are countless forms of tantra, such as ritual tantra, neo-tantra or the various body therapies, such as tantra massage. Ultimately, Tantra is about each person seeking, exploring and ultimately finding the right thing for themselves. Be it in seminars, courses or even in massages in the sense of commercial tantra massage (kTM).

Enjoy your tantric discoveries. Be it exciting experiences in the energetic, white ritual tantra or sensual climaxes in the sexual, red tantra.

Are you interested in a special kind of Tantra massage from a charming and attractive male masseur? On this page you will find independent gentlemen from our file who offer professional Tantra massages.

Where can I find the right hotel for romance & wellness?

We recommend a provider that specializes in hotel offers with a feel-good ambience. For example, you will find many offers with a whirlpool in the room as well as exclusive wellness packages. So that your Callboy experience becomes a very special one.

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