Gigolo Payment

Exclusive Trustee Service

We provide you with secure & anonymous payment option.

You transfer the desired amount to us as a neutral third party and we withhold the payment to the gigolo until you confirm your satisfaction after your date. For this service we charge a fee of 10% on the corresponding amount (but at least 50 €).

Thank you for your trust!

We give you an example for the calculation:

You have agreed a total fee of e.g. 760€ (including travel expenses) with your gigolo. You would like to transfer this amount to him via our escrow service. We charge a 10% service fee (10% of 760€ = 76€), which you please transfer to us in addition to the fee. The amount to be paid to us in this example would therefore be 836€ (760€ + 76€ = 836€).