Gigolos for Home Visits

Enjoy time for two at home

As we all know, there's no place like home, and with a gigolo it's even nicer!

Look forward to a wonderful evening full of pampering. Relax together in a familiar and cosy atmosphere with an enjoyable glass of wine. Our attractive callboys will be happy to visit you in your own four walls!

And best of all: All gigolos offer a satisfaction guarantee!

Here's how to find your sympathetic gigolo for a home visit in just 3 steps:

  1. First, choose the companion of your choice.
  2. Send him a non-binding and free booking request via his profile page. In this request, you also specify your desired contact option.
  3. Immediately afterwards you can coordinate all other details directly, personally and discreetly with your gigolo.

Our Gigolos for Home Visits

Callboy Milo Schwarz (46)

Graz + Wien

Callboy Loris (37)


Callboy Kenny Junior (29)


Callboy Sascha (49)

Berlin + Bremen + Hamburg + Palma de Mallorca

Callboy Andreas (31)


Callboy Constantin (33)


Callboy Kevin (Betreiber) (43)


Callboy Noah-Leo Lassalle (48)

München + Wien

Callboy Marc (56)


Callboy Darius (44)


Callboy Chris W. (30)

Berlin + Kreta + Südtirol + Paris

Callboy Ben (34)

Düsseldorf + Stuttgart + Amsterdam

Callboy Merlin (23)

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Callboy Kelly Dean Jr (28)

Manila (Philippinen)

Callboy Leon Fabio (26)


Callboy Ryan (33)

München & Frankfurt

Callboy Alex (33)


Callboy Dennis (30)


Callboy Stephen (BDSM) (46)


Callboy Tim (28)


Callboy Fabi (28)


Callboy David (33)

München + Wien

Callboy Alexandre (33)


Callboy Wendelin (42)


Callboy Tom (41)


Callboy Nico (27)

Bern + Zürich

Callboy Sam (38)


Callboy Secret Lounge (36)

Secret Lounge

Callboy Ramon Vegas (56)

Bad Ragaz

Callboy Julian (36)


Callboy Sven (35)


Callboy Jan (48)


Callboy Sean (58)


Callboy Markus (36)

Berlin + Paris

Callboy Xander Hawk (38)


Callboy Leon Pedro (24)


Callboy Lukas (41)

Karlsruhe + Stuttgart

Callboy Paolo (33)

Freiburg + Zürich

Callboy James (37)


Callboy Matteo (30)


Callboy Noah (27)

Düsseldorf + München + Berlin

Callboy Jan_Peters (52)

Ravensburg + Ulm + Stuttgart + Augsburg

Callboy Willy (24)


Callboy Emilio (28)


What are the 3 most important questions about booking a gigolo for home visits?

We would like to answer the most important questions here:

  1. What are the main advantages of a gigolo home visit?
  2. Where are the dangers lurking in gigolo house calls and what do I have to pay special attention to?
  3. Can I also visit a gigolo at his home ("gigolo incall")?

1. The essential advantages of a gigolo home visit

No organisational effort.

If you prefer to receive your escort man at home, you save yourself the stress of the sometimes long journey to a hotel. No driving time, no risk of traffic jams and no search for a parking space. Also the sometimes tedious search for a suitable hotel as well as the reservation is not necessary.

When do I have to check in and how do I pay? How do I do it with the room card for the callboy? These and similar questions are obsolete with a gigolo visit at your home. There are no costs for the hotel room or any services. In addition, no electronic traces are caused by the hotel booking, a check-in or payment.

Clear expectations.

When a gigolo comes to visit, you want it to be especially nice and cosy. A few candles, a pleasant room temperature, nice musical accompaniment are certainly part of it. At home it's clear what you're getting. You know where everything is and can arrange it just as dreamlike as you imagine.

No coordination with the hotel staff is necessary. So there is no danger of under-fulfilment of one's expectations. Both in terms of the friendliness of the service staff, the range of services offered and the expected room and hotel facilities.

Being able to fulfil domestic obligations.

Are there animals in the house that need looking after? Or do you have a baby or children to keep an eye on? You just can't find a suitable babysitter? Even if prevailing domestic obligations, during passionate hours with an escort man, are certainly not optimal. You are on the spot and can take care of them in an emergency.

2. Dangers of gigolo house calls and what you have to pay special attention to

You wait comfortably by the fire in your living room for your booked gigolo to appear. As nice as this idea may be, it also harbours some dangers. It is not uncommon, for example, that an (ex-) husband suddenly stands in the doorway because he still has a spare key. Or family members or cleaning staff?

Even if no troublemaker is suspected, the risk still exists. To be on the safe side, lock the front door and other access doors. Then you (and your escort) are safe and don't need to worry. You are responsible for the welfare of your callboy. Be aware of this and consider carefully in advance where further dangers could lurk for you and your callboy.

Do you have pets? Then find out for sure whether the callboy has allergies to animals. Discretion at home despite neighbourhood? This is also a valid point. It cannot be ruled out that your callboy will be spied on by curious neighbours. Think of possible consequences, then nothing will stand in the way of your wonderful home date.


3. Can I also visit a gigolo at his home ("Gigolo Incall")?

The opposite of a gigolo hotel visit (outcall) is called an "incall". In other words, a callboy gives ladies (and couples) the opportunity to visit him at his premises. As a rule, this is a hotel room booked by the callboy. This ensures privacy for both parties.

A few providers also accept visits from female clients in their private premises. Simply ask your gigolo in a non-binding booking enquiry whether he also offers a visit to his hotel room.

Where can I find the right hotel for romance & wellness?

We recommend a provider that specializes in hotel offers with a feel-good ambience. For example, you will find many offers with a whirlpool in the room as well as exclusive wellness packages. So that your Callboy experience becomes a very special one.

Do you have further questions about booking a gigolo for a home visit? We will be happy to help

Are there any unanswered questions about booking a gigolo? You can't find a suitable answer in the FAQ section? No problem. Simply write us your request in a simple, uncomplicated and discreet manner using our contact form. We will be happy to deal with your enquiry and give you feedback as soon as possible.