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Double your happiness on a holiday for two

Share special experiences and holiday moments with our friendly gigolos - the perfect holiday companion

A time-out on a deserted island? A romantic resort in the mountains? Why not plan your next dream holiday with one of our attractive and entertaining travel companions and share the wonderful moments ahead.

And best of all: All gigolos offer a satisfaction guarantee!

How to find friendly holiday companions in just 3 steps

  1. First, choose the companion of your choice.
  2. Send him a non-binding and free booking request via his profile page. In this enquiry, you also specify your desired contact option.
  3. Immediately afterwards, you can coordinate all further details directly, personally and discreetly with your gigolo.

Our Holiday Companions

Callboy Stephan (49)


Callboy Chris W. (30)


Callboy Tony (30)


Callboy Stephen (BDSM) (46)


Callboy Fabrizio (46)


Callboy Arnold (28)


Callboy Amadeus (36)


Callboy Elias G. (31)


Callboy Leon Pedro (20)


Callboy Diego (33)


Callboy Elias (29)


Callboy Hugo (28)


Callboy Noah (27)


Callboy Alessandro (30)


Callboy Jonas (35)


Callboy Danny (28)


Callboy Felix (38)


Callboy Ben (35)


Callboy Alexander G. (31)


Callboy Ronald (40)


Callboy Antonio (28)


Callboy Leon (34)


Callboy Secret Lounge (36)

Secret Lounge

Callboy Kevin (42)


Callboy Thorsten (38)


Callboy Miquel (29)


Callboy Emanuel (28)


Callboy Chris (39)


Callboy Hayden (24)


Callboy Matthias (34)


Callboy Sergio (33)


Callboy (27)


Callboy Nick (42)


Callboy Benjamin (27)


Callboy Noah (36)


Callboy Adrian (20)


Callboy Andrew (27)


Callboy Marc (56)


Callboy David (29)


Callboy Matt (28)


Callboy Cruz (32)

Frankfurt am Main

Callboy Alex (32)


Callboy Arthur (32)


Callboy Bryan (25)


Callboy James R (38)


Callboy Donnie (28)


Callboy Elias D. (26)


Callboy Ramos (24)


Callboy Jack (32)


Book a holiday companion? - Some questions need to be answered

Who books the flights? What does the escort cost? What are the additional costs and who pays for the excursions? Does the companion also need time for himself?

These and all other questions can be agreed upon in a relaxed manner with your holiday companion directly after the booking enquiry has been sent.

As a rule, the client pays for all costs. For reasons of discretion, the gigolo usually takes care of the flight booking herself. Reimbursement of the travel costs is usually made in advance by bank transfer or Paypal. You can find more information about payment in the FAQ section.


Holiday escort - Only for short city trips or also for longer trips?

All our escorts are self-employed and can arrange their bookings freely. This means that they are basically available for city trips for sightseeing as well as for longer holiday trips of all kinds. Simply ask for the desired date for your travel wish without obligation.

The longer the desired booking period, the more it makes sense to contact the companions early on. As soon as the date of the trip is foreseeable, it is advisable to reserve a certain period in the calendar at an early stage. Even if not everything has been planned in detail for the upcoming trip.

Does the holiday companion have to come from my city?

The idea of a holiday escort can in principle be realised very easily with every escort man on these pages who offers this service. The home base is usually not decisive. Enrich your holiday time with passionate hours for two, for example with a callboy from Berlin or gigolo from Hamburg.


Where is the best place to meet my holiday companion?

In most cases, it is a good idea to meet directly at the holiday destination. We recommend meeting at the hotel so that both of you have the opportunity to arrive briefly, take off your things and freshen up a bit. As our companions travel a lot, they often do not necessarily arrive from their home base. This means that arranging a joint flight is usually rather difficult to realise in practice.


Doesn't it get boring with a gigolo on holiday?

No. Our escorts are all open, sociable, educated and have a sense of humour. With them you are able to have interesting conversations on a wide variety of topics. They are also sporty, have a wide range of interests, love to travel and explore new places. Have fun together and enjoy your holiday together to the fullest.

Where can I find the right hotel for romance & wellness?

We recommend a provider that specializes in hotel offers with a feel-good ambience. For example, you will find many offers with a whirlpool in the room as well as exclusive wellness packages. So that your Callboy experience becomes a very special one.

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Also special delivery actions, such as free delivery from a low minimum order value, are usually offered. And so that not everyone notices, the delivery is always in discreet packaging.

Love yourself, have fun and enjoy.

You have further questions about booking a gigolo in Holiday Companion? We are happy to help you.

Are there any questions left unanswered regarding booking a gigolo in Holiday Companion? There is also no suitable answer in the FAQ section? No problem. Write us your request simply, uncomplicated and discreetly via our contact form. We are pleased answering you as soon as possible.